Tuesday December 11th: More Stories

Another good day talking to people in Consett with a real pride and love of the area.

First up was Clair and Brian Harrison.

Brian runs the Consett & District Heritage Initiative Group
and they are on facebook with over two and half thousand members!
Underlining the interest in local history in the area. .

Here’s their link:

And they are well worth a look.
We talked at length about Consett, the Works, its rise and fall and other people that we really need to speak to in the area that have great stories to tell.

We then went onto meet the Reminisce Group which is run by Shelley O’ Brien.

A nice bunch of people who have just completed a CD called ‘Christmas Reminisce’ telling of their past times at Christmas with musical contributions from the children of St Pius Tenth RC Primary and Consett Brass with the lovely Christmas Carols, Silent Night and Away In a Manger.

When I asked about their stories about Consett the stories flowed and here are a few snippets:

When I came to Consett from London. My daughter had a beautiful white hat and when she came home it was pink. I didn’t know about the Consett’s red dust. I asked someone why all the houses have been painted red. It was the famous Consett Red Dust.

Saint Mary’s Church at Blackhill was built through the workers at the Steel Works giving part of their wages to the building of the church.

I came on a school visit: it was like going to hell. We went to the Works canteen and had to cross a gantry with the works underneath. I was terrified.

Me Grandafather cried when the works closed.

It was our heritage and it was devastating when it was shut. It was like being told we have no use for you after one hundred and forty years.

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