St Patrick’s Church 1959: Gerard Hughes

Some old telecine footage of St Patrick’s church taken by Gerard Hughes of Consett and supplied by his daughter Helen for the Made of Steel project: Thank You.

In 1959 Consett’s population stood at around 38,000(today it’s approximately 27,000) living in some 12,000 homes. ‘The Works’ employed 6,000 with many more in ancillary industries. In the same year work began on the Hownsgill Rolling Mill which was eventually completed in September 1960. There was said to be 40 pubs and clubs in the centre of Consett. It was a vibrant community which is reflected in the numbers attending this service at St Patrick’s.

And over forty years later in 2001 they were still attnding St Patrick’s as this article from the Northern Echo tells us.

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