Sophie Dixon

Sophie Dixon has produced a ten-minute documentary film on Consett.

It focusses, in the main, on creative and caring women including Consett singer/songwriter Karen Harding and their efforts to fulfil themselves.

The film provides an insightful look at Consett today, a town that for some has been forgotten. The film is well worth ten minutes of anyone’s time: Recommend.

Sophie says,
“I have recently produced a mini feature on Consett and here is some info on the feature.
Everyone knows that the recession has had a lasting impact on every household. None more so than the many towns across the country that have struggled to regenerate from the first. Sophie Dixon went to one of the worst effected districts in the country to find the story of the people living there now, to find out how life goes on in one of Britain’s forgotten towns.”

And here is a link to her film on You Tube

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