Second Open Session

It is snowing in Consett. Legend has it that it is always lasts longer and is deeper here but the snow-clad Blackhill & Consett Park looked idyllic. Both me and Andrew said, almost in unison, “It’ll be quiet today.” Two hours later, after Alan, John, Fred and David left we were really pleased we were wrong.

As the audio tape will show, all four know ‘The Works’ inside out. They served their apprenticeships at the Steel Works that virtually guaranteed a job for everyone leaving school in Consett, regardless of ability. Which firm can offer anything like that today?

What they did underline is that their training at the Steel Works stood them in good stead when it closed. The wide range of skills allowed them to successfully take on new jobs sometimes in different disciplines.

We really enjoyed today’s session and the non-stop conversation underlined the importance of this project. I keep remembering, “We look at the past to see the future more clearly.” I can’t wait until next week.

And here are the interviews:

No 1. Session 2 Audio – “Investment and loss of History”

No.2. Session 2 – “Dept sports teams, Leeks and Ringers”

No.3. Session 2 – “Horses to work, Getting in and Working shifts”

No.4. Session 2 “Health and Safety”

No.5. Session 2 – “Making a profit, Strikes and Quality of Product”

No.6. Session 2 – “Unions, Sneaking out for football and Interviews”

No.7. Session 2 – “Community spirit, Religeon and Public houses”

No.8. Session 2 – “Influences and Learning Life Skills”

No.9. Session 2 – PART 1 – “Living with the aftermath of closure”

No.9b. Session 2 – PART 2 – “Living with the aftermath of closure”

No.10. Session 2 – “Then and Now”

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