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As they state on their Home page ‘the Pont Valley Network’s website is the place where we’re trying to get people to work together – just by sharing information and using intelligence!’


And they give our events at the Lodge next Monday and Tuesday a mention: thank you.


Split personality? Bridgehill to the left, Blackhill to the right. The boundary between these two suburbs of Consett runs down the middle of Pemberton Road.

I have driven down this road a quite a few times in the last few months. I had to look twice.


Consett Film, Stories & Songs

Would you like to come along to one of our sharing events premiering the Made of Steel film?

Monday 29.04.13 13:00 – 15:00
Tuesday 30.04.13 13:00 – 15:00 then 18:30 – 20:30

@The Lodge, Consett & Blackhill Park

Get in touch to book your place(s) with name and contact info to 01207 218852 or email colouryourlife@leisureworks.net or message on FB. Limited places. First-come first served

The event includes the premier of the MADE OF STEEL film by Consett filmmaker Andrew Hagan with new Consett songs by Tom Kelly written with Ian Ravenscroft and stories from Tom.

‘Made of Steel’ is a 50 minute film on Consett where people talk about their town past and present.

The material for the stories, songs and film have been written and recorded over the past of four to five months in open sessions when anyone from the area could talk about their town. Material was also gathered through the Made of Steel Blog and Facebook.

In addition to the film you can listen to over fifty audio interviews, lasting over five hours on the made of steel blog.


And thanks to the Northern Echo for giving us a mention


Blackhill Railway Station

Date opened: 2.12.1867
Location: West from the end of St. Aiden’s Street
Company on opening: North Eastern Railway
Date closed to passengers: 23.5.1955
Date closed completely: 23.5.1955
More info @

Photographs of Blackhill Railway Station 1900-1910



Site of Blackhill Station taken in 1970


Silent video footage of the Durham Light Infantry 6th Battalion Territorials at a training camp near Blackhill c1908/1909.

Also includes steam scenes from Blackhill Station and Front Street in Consett,
And if you fast forward to 4 minutes 26 seconds you will see the men boarding the train at Blackhill and perhaps wonder how many of them survived WW1 some five years later.

Uploaded by Beamish Museum

And now it is part of the Derwent Walk Railway Path: another part of the areas changing landscape.


Consett Station and Yard

The last rites at the Consett Station and Yard.
I know how much interest on this site their is in railways and this photograph by Bob Lumley underlines their power to draw people to them.


A Vision of Britain Through Time


A really fascinating site giving interesting data on Consett from Census Reports to Industry and How People Made Their Living to unemployment


History of Consett in Schools

It’s great to see schools working on the history of Consett.
Here is a link to some of the work St Patrick’s has carried-out.



And having been in Consett Juniors I know they have a keen interest in Consett history which has featured in a number of projects

History of Collinson


And here is another link to a great resource on Consett from Primary Sources..


An article in the Durham Times summing up Thatcher with a Consett perspective.

And another article from the Northern Echo
‘Thatcher Will be remembered for Closing Consett Steel Works’


Plus an article from January 16, 1994 in the Independent


Newspaper articles on the ‘The Works’

Evening Chronicle 2010
The article looks back at the closure thirty years later.


Durham Mining Museum has a variety of newspaper articles.
Here is the link:

Article on Garry O’Hagan’s Book. Garry came to one of our events at the Lodge.

Stanhope and Tyne Railway

Information on the line plus an excellent illustration of the routes and stations.

It, once again, illustrates the industrial infrastructure of the area.