First Open Event

First Open Event

A lovely introduction to our open events at the Lodge in Consett
Here is a link to the interviews:

Here are the soundbites from Mondays session.

No. 1
“Pits & Coal deliveries”

“Consett Industries & the Red dust”

“Loss of trades and a red glow”

“The Works and beyond”

“Sport & recreation” –

“Apprentice discipline”

“Making a band”

“During the War”

“Helping in Scunthorpe”

“As a boy”

“Apprentice jobs”

The men who turned up today were informative and amusing on ‘The Works’ and Consett in general. They talked about the sports teams in the area, many of whom were supported by ‘The Works’; the pits; Slag Heap; the high quality of steel made at Consett…stories and stories and lots of them.

If it’s like this every week I am looking forward to hearing more.

The same time, same place, next week!

Monday 14th January 1.00-3.00 at the Lodge.

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