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Here is another example of the key information that is available at the Durham Mining Museum

Ref: ND/De 47
‘No case for closure’ , a reply by the Joint Trade Unions of Consett Steel Works, to the British Steel Corporation ‘s document, ‘The Case for Consett Closure’, 7 July 1980
(9 papers)

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Further analysis of the reasoning behind the closure of Consett can be found in
‘The International Steel Industry: Restructuring, State Policies and Localities’
By Raymond Hudson, David Sadler

Sample pages of the book can be found here:


And here is a Masters dissertation from Durham University

Changing employment relations in a local labour market:
Consett after the closure

Wray, David (1993) Masters thesis, Durham University

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Another close look at the decline of two of our heavy industries in the north east.

‘A tale of two industries the contraction of coal and steel in the north east of England.’

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