Blackhill Railway Station

Date opened: 2.12.1867
Location: West from the end of St. Aiden’s Street
Company on opening: North Eastern Railway
Date closed to passengers: 23.5.1955
Date closed completely: 23.5.1955
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Photographs of Blackhill Railway Station 1900-1910

Site of Blackhill Station taken in 1970

Silent video footage of the Durham Light Infantry 6th Battalion Territorials at a training camp near Blackhill c1908/1909.

Also includes steam scenes from Blackhill Station and Front Street in Consett,
And if you fast forward to 4 minutes 26 seconds you will see the men boarding the train at Blackhill and perhaps wonder how many of them survived WW1 some five years later.

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And now it is part of the Derwent Walk Railway Path: another part of the areas changing landscape.

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