Alf O’Brien

Alf O’Brien

Someone came to the site looking for information on Alf O’Brien.
When I writing of Consett artist Phil Bartle I made reference to South Shields artist and one-time painter and decorator Alf O’Brien.

Alf had a number of exhibitions in the north east and I recall one in particular at the Bede Gallery, Jarrow, in the mid-to-late 1970s. He painted what he knew so well, (like Phil and Consett) and that what his home town of South Shields.

His work sold well and I remember taking one of paintings to London to a well-known London based Geordie who had bought one of Alf’s gloriously lovely back-lanes.

Below is a link to one of his paintings which you can find at South Shields Museum Ocean Road. Make a visit and then head down ‘Curry Road’ (Ocean Road) to taste the curry delights. Incidentally ‘The Anglo Asian’ was the first curry restaurant opened in the north-east 1958.

Alf O’Brien: A lovely man and painter.

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